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User Guide


  1. Before using the mix'n Portable Blender for the first time, it must be charged. Check that the three magnets on the charger are aligned with the three magnets on the blender's base.
  2. The blender arrives half charged, however for best results, charge it for at least 2-3 hours before use. Put together the upper cover and the main body and ensure that the dots are aligned. On the upper cover, you will see a transparent semi-circle under the text, this should be in the middle of the dotted line on the main body. There is also a magnet that is hard to see, so look for a small rectangle with a grayish color. If the dots are not aligned, the blender will not work.
  3. It should be well cleaned. To add ingredients, both ends of the blender may be opened.
  4. To avoid blade wear, layer liquids first and ice or frozen fruit last. When mixing with ice, make sure there's enough liquid.
  5. Do not fill the blender over handle. The blender will not operate if overfilled. 
  6. Assemble the blender by aligning the semi-circle on the blender glass with the dots on the blender base.
  7. Press the button on the bottom of the blender base twice to start.
  8. The mix'n™ Portable Blender will blend for 30 seconds. Tap the button on the bottom once to turn off.
  9. To achieve an even mix, tilt the bottle while blending. For a smoother consistency, repeat the blending cycle.


No. Precautions Failure Analysis Solution
1 Product does not start Blender and cup are not tightened Make sure the dots are aligned and tightened
2 Cannot boot, red light flashes quickly Low or out of battery Please charge in time
3 Automatic shutdown during use Put little fruit or 30 seconds shutdown protection due to excessive load Liquid or fruit needs to reach rated capacity or restart
4 Stuck and flashing during work Fruit particles are too large Cut the fruit into small pieces as instructed
5 Leak The silicone ring is not installed properly Reinstall the silicone ring
6 Scorched Whether it is used continuously for a long time Restart after the body has cooled for 30 minutes